Language retreats for adults

The cooperation of BrainyJAM Trnava with CK MATTIA, with Mrs. Jarmila Molnárová, has been bearing
fruit thanks to our “all tailored” approach. This lovely project is another proof that we are a family-
oriented language centre. In addition to summer language camps for your children, we also think of you
– the parents and grandparents. To motivate adults to learn, we must, however, come up with
something quite special. Our language retreats combine utility with pleasure. Morning foreign language
lessons taught by our lecturers are followed by a light lunch, after which we set off to explore various
wonderful sights with our professional guide Jarmilka. And the glorious evenings are reserved for wine
touring and socialising with like-minded people. Sit back, have a glass of good wine and watch our
videos from past language retreats.